Jake Paul Age, (Professional Boxer) Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography

Jake Paul Age, (Professional Boxer) Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography

How old is Jake Paul?

Age: 25 Years Old
Date of Birth: 17-01-1997

Biography of Jake Paul

Jake Paul
Jake Paul – Image by jakepaul via Instagram

Jake Paul, age 25 Years Old (Born 17 January 1997). Jake Paul is a social media star and professional boxer from the United States. His success began on Vine, a website that allows users to share videos with the world. His popularity spread and he eventually appeared on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark, playing the character Dirk Mann.

Physical Appearance

How old is Jake Paul?25 Years Old
Height5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight176 lbs
Chest Size44 Inches
Shoe Size6 (US)
Biceps16 Inches
Physical Stats of Jake Paul


Jake Paul is a professional boxer from the United States. He was born in January 17, 1997 and has won several amateur bouts. He turned professional in January 2020. He has beaten other YouTubers AnEsonGib and Ben Askren, as well as former UFC champion Tyre Woodley.

Paul was a multi-sport athlete in high school and played football, basketball, and wrestling. His amateur boxing career began in a sideshow when he was contacted by YouTuber Ali Eson Gib for a fight. Paul won the bout via a TKO in the first round, and the video went viral.

Jake Paul is one of the most controversial boxers in the world, and his rise has been remarkable. Although his public image has been largely blighted by controversy, he has been successful in the ring and has built a reputation as a boxer. He is now the owner of Most Valuable Promotions, and his rise has been phenomenal. As far as his professional boxing education goes, it’s crucial to know your opponent.


Jake Paul is a social media personality and professional boxer. The young boxer first gained fame on Vine. Later, he starred in the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark as Dirk Mann. Jake Joseph Paul was born in Florida and has been training since the age of 14.

Jake Paul has fought many opponents in his boxing career. He has fought Deji, the little brother of British YouTuber KSI. Their match was on the undercard of the KSI vs. Logan Paul 1 fight. Jake Paul won via referee stoppage in the fifth round.

Jake Paul vs. Deji – Video By DAZN Boxing on YouTube

The former champion has been impressed with his pupil’s dedication and growth. While critics may view Paul as a lightweight, he says he is no weakling. He expects to fight bigger and tougher opponents. He also expects to face adversity inside the ring, including getting knocked down and being knocked out.

Paul has gained massive popularity on YouTube and has millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. In addition, his recent boxing matches have earned him a large amount of money. But despite the money that Paul has earned, he still faces controversies online. Nonetheless, he is building a successful boxing career with his YouTube videos.


There are many Jake Paul family members, including his father, his brother, and his mother. His father was a coach, and his mother was his number one fan. He and his brother, Logan Paul, moved to Los Angeles when he was still in high school and began their careers in television and film. His first film role came from YouTube. In “Airplane Mode,” Paul played Dirk Mann, an internet star who performed insane stunts.

Jake Paul’s parents are divorced. He grew up in a large house in Beverly Forest, California, with his siblings, and a big yard. He was an athlete from an early age, scoring 33% of his football games. He trained with his father to develop his football skills. His brother was also a football player, and Jake grew up playing football.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jake Paul is quite impressive. His primary residence is a luxury home worth $11 million, and he also owns a Florida mansion and a second villa in Los Angeles, each worth a total of $3 million. Jake Paul also has a large collection of luxury cars.

The list of these cars is extensive, and the actor is a regular sight driving around in luxury vehicles. He owns several high-end models, including a Lamborghini Huracan, a Porsche Panamera, and an Audi R8. He also bought his girlfriend Tana Mongeau a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon for her 21st birthday.

Jake Paul earned his net worth from monetizing videos on YouTube. His ‘rug-pulling’ videos have generated over $300 million in revenue. In addition, he has appeared on a variety of television shows. He has appeared in “Bizaardvark” and “Walk the Prank” on Disney Channel. His prank videos have earned him a large following of fans.


If you’re looking for a Jake Paul professional boxer girlfriend, you’ve come to the right place. The boxer has a very public and famous love life. In his past, he dated popular model and actress Tana Mongeau, and he’s currently dating model and actress Julia Rose. Their relationship began after Paul split from his previous partner, social media star and former model Tana Mongeau.

In 2014, Jake Paul dated Saxon Sharbino. They met during a video shoot and later dated off-camera. In the summer of 2016, Jake Paul was also rumored to be dating actress Kelly Stewart. In 2016, Saxon was spotted spending time with Jake. However, she’s been long since over Jake Paul.

Ski Bri and Jake Paul

Ski Bri is the latest celebrity to get involved with Jake Paul, a popular YouTuber and professional boxer. While the two haven’t officially confirmed their relationship, it’s not hard to guess what’s going on in their lives. Both of them are very active on social media, and they both have been seen in pictures with each other.

Bri has an impressive following on Instagram, with over 380,000 followers. She earns around six figures a year from her photos and videos. In addition, she has a successful YouTube channel and a risqué OnlyFans page. It’s unclear whether she’s in a relationship with Jake Paul, but she’s no stranger to being photographed in public.

Jake Paul and Ski Bri’s relationship rumors have been fuelled by Jake’s recent split from Julia Rose. Although Ski Bri hasn’t publicly confirmed their relationship, the two have been posting pictures of each other on social media in recent weeks. In one recent Instagram story, Jake Paul was pictured holding Ski Bri’s butt implants.

Key Fact

  • Jake Paul is a professional boxer from United States.
  • He rose to fame on Vine and has also appeared on various television shows, including Bizaardvark on the Disney Channel. For two seasons, Paul played the role of Dirk Mann in the show.
  • Most fans of boxing want fighters to earn their fame, not become a star overnight.
  • In the past, boxers had to be good to become famous and the fame would provide the resources to become professional.
  • Although Paul may not be a perfect professional, boxing could use a recognizable superstar.
  • As an amateur, Jake Paul has fought a few opponents, including YouTuber Deji, and has won all of them.
  • In January 2020, he fought another YouTuber, AnEsonGib. He won the bout by referee stoppage in the fifth round. Jake Paul’s fights have gotten him some serious attention.


How old is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is 25 Years Old.

Who is current girlfriend of Jake Paul?

Jake Paul current girlfriend is Julia Rose.


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