Who is Anshul Jubli? Age, UFC Fight, MMA Fighter, Biography

Who is Anshul Jubli? Age, UFC Fight, MMA Fighter, Biography

If you’re curious about the biography of Anshul Jubli, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about the MMA fighter’s rise to fame. This article details Anshul’s journey from Muay Thai training to his pro debut. It also covers his fight in South Korea against Kyung Pyo Kim. And, of course, you’ll also learn about his motivation to fight in the UFC.

Anshul Jubli Age

Age: 27 Years Old

Date of Birth: 13-01-1995

Who is Anshul Jubli?

Anshul Jubli
Anshul Jubli

Anshul Jubli was introduced to MMA by a friend of his. He had heard about Crosstrain Fight Club in Delhi, where some of the best Indian professional fighters train. He was interested and decided to go there. But things did not go as planned. During the trip to Delhi, he also met a coaching center that was interviewing candidates for a high school mathematics teaching job.

Despite his impressive amateur record, Anshul Jubli almost gave up on MMA. Two of his major fights had been cancelled and he had to borrow money from friends. After a few months, he won a big tournament in Japan and was proud to represent India on foreign soil. After a series of roadblocks, he was able to land a fight with Matrix Fight Night and he has been undefeated ever since.


The journey back home was brutal for Anshul. His connecting flight from Singapore to Delhi was cancelled, leaving him with only two options: either to stay overnight in a hot airport or take a train to Delhi. During the train ride, he developed a high-grade fever, but he somehow managed to make it home. He had months of intense training camp behind him and was looking for a fight.

While there was no shortage of high-profile opponents, one fight stands out in Anshul’s mind. Against Sanjeet Budhwar in MFN 2, he faced one of the most dangerous names on the professional Indian MMA circuit. Budhwar had knocked out Dhruv Chaudhary months prior. But Anshul was confident that he could take the fight.

The Indian fighter did not know that his fight was guaranteed until late May, although his coach hinted that it would happen. The training is essential for a professional fighter, and Jubli trained at a Muay Thai centre in Phuket, Thailand. To be eligible for a UFC contract, he needs to win the fight and earn the right to compete in the UFC.

Training at a Muay Thai Centre

Anshul Jubli, also known as the King of Lions, is an Indian mixed martial artist. He has undergone four years of formal MMA training and is proficient in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling. The son of a retired border security force officer, Anshul grew up in various parts of India, and settled in Dehradun. His training in MMA began in 2015 when he was introduced to the sport by his elder brother.

Jubli’s training at a Muoy Thai centre in Phuket, Thailand, has been instrumental in his development as a professional fighter. Though the Indian fighter was not guaranteed a fight until the last week of May, his coach had hinted at a fight a few months earlier. It was important for Jubli to stay fit while preparing for a big fight and this is why he trains at a Muay Thai centre in Thailand.

After his 13th fight, Anshul was offered the opportunity to fight internationally. He took a loan from friends to travel to the Philippines. He was able to compete in a main event fight there, and won by unanimous decision. Siddharth Singh, the head coach of Crosstrain Fight Club, was arranged to corner him at the event.

A friend of Anshul told him about the Crosstrain Fight Club in Delhi, which houses some of India’s top fighters. His friend was also planning to attend this club, so Anshul accompanied him on his trip. A few months later, he was in the semi-finals, defeating Kim Kyeong-pyo of South Korea.

Tiger camp is an excellent training facility in Phuket, Thailand. Its gym is home to more than 20 fitness classes including CrossFit, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, yoga, and Muay Thai. There are also one-on-one training sessions for beginners and advanced fighters.

A typical Muay Thai training session begins with a light warm-up. The trainers will have students shadow box, working on technique and basics. This is followed by pad work, where students will practice punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. The training usually lasts 4-5 rounds of four minutes, with a one-minute break between rounds. Following that, they will hit the bag for 4-5 rounds before advancing to the next round. In addition to this, they will also do standing wrestling, where they will knee each other.

Fight Against Kyung Pyo Kim in South Korea

Anshul Jubli fight with Kim Kyeong-pyo
Anshul Jubli and Kim Kyeong-pyo

Anshul Jubli will face South Korean fighter Kyung Pyo Kim on 23rd October 2022 in Abu Dhabi. Kim is a former wrestler who has 14 professional MMA fights under his belt. He is currently training at MMA Story in Seoul under the guidance of head coach Jung Hwan Cha. His record in pro MMA is 11 wins and 3 losses.

Jubli has a good record in MMA and will face a strong opponent in Kim, who is ranked tenth in the world. The fight will be televised live on Sony TEN 2 in India and streamed on Sony LIV. The event will also be available on UFC Fight Pass.

Won Bin Ki has a good record in the Asian scene, having fought for many Asian organization’s. He has had several notable fights with fighters like Ok Rae Yoon and Bruno Miranda. Meanwhile, Aili Muratbek is an experienced striker and a regional Chinese gold medalist. This is an interesting matchup with two very different fighters.

Jubli’s stand-up is questionable, but he’s fought a lot of tough opponents. Pyo is a good wrestler and he could expose Jubli’s chin and feet. Unless he has good grappling, Jubli’s chin and power will be his greatest strengths and he’ll have a tough time finishing Pyo on his feet.

Anshul’s journey back to India was brutal. His connecting flight to Delhi via Singapore was cancelled, so he had to spend the night in the airport. From there, he caught a terrible fever on the train to Delhi. Despite the brutal circumstances, he managed to reach the Indian capital. He had months of intensive training behind him and was looking for another fight.

Fight in the UFC

After a string of impressive amateur wins in mixed martial arts, Anshul Jubli nearly gave up the sport in 2019. Two big fights were cancelled, and Anshul had to borrow money from friends to continue training. However, despite his setbacks, he hung on and received an offer from Matrix Fight Night. He has also worked with top coaches and training partners, and believes that in four years, he can become a UFC champion.

Jubli’s coach, Siddharth, is an elite Jiu-Jitsu competitor who won the silver medal at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2021. He’s Anshul’s head coach and cornerman, and has helped him prepare for this major step in his career. The Indian fighter joined Siddharth’s Delhi-based Crosstrain Fight Club in 2018 and has won 5 consecutive fights. He’s only the second Indian fighter to beat a foreign fighter.

Anshul Jubli’s motivation to enter the UFC comes from a desire to be a world-class MMA fighter. While he’s not a celebrity, he’s an ordinary man with an extraordinary drive. Originally from Uttarkashi, India, he has an impressive resume. He’s an accomplished MMA fighter and will soon become the first Indian to compete in the UFC.

Anshul Jubli is a lightweight phenom from India. He will face Kyung Pyo Kim from South Korea in a Road to UFC semi-final on October 23 in Abu Dhabi. The winner of the fight will advance to the UFC finals. During his training camp, Jubli has trained with SOMA Fight Club in Indonesia, and at Crosstrain Fight Club in Delhi.

As a child, Anshul was raised in a nomadic family. His father was in the Border Security Force, and the family moved from city to city every three years. During his school years, Anshul was constantly bullied. This led him to develop a need to stay fit. He began training in high school football and he enjoyed studying math’s.


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